Trauma Counseling and therapy is working with a a therapist or counselor to stop, or minimize the short and long term effects of trauma. At Transcending Path Psychotherapy, we have experienced therapists to help you overcome the debilitating effects of trauma.  Trauma is something that everyone has gone through or will experience at some point in their lives. Psychological Trauma is any event or circumstance that causes a deeply distressing or disturbing experience. Trauma is an overwhelming experience or stress that makes it difficult for us to cope. If you have experienced a significant traumatic event, it may be a good idea to speak to a psychotherapist. Every traumatic experience leaves a footprint in our lives. This can cause significant challenges in our lives, either presently or in the future. We specialize in helping our clients heal and recover from trauma.

Some common causes and sources of trauma includes:
1. Rape at any age
2. Death of a love one
3.Natural disasters
4.Disasters of any kind
5.Domestic violence
6.Being involved in violence of any kind
 7. Witnessing violence 8.Severe illness or injury
 9. Childhood abuse

Some common causes and sources of trauma includes: Some common negative effects of trauma include:
1. Health Challenges
2. Disturbed sleep
 3. Relationship difficulties
 4. Reduced well-being.’
5. General lack of happiness
 6. Lack of or low motivation
7. Anxiety
8. Depression
 9. Difficulty managing emotions
10. Parenting challenges
11. Irritability and anger
12. Paleness
13. Lethargy
 14. Fatigue
15. Poor concentration
16. Racing heartbeat

Everyone experiences trauma differently. Some traumas are easily managed, while others may need professional help. Every trauma needs some form of resolution. If the trauma is not resolved or poorly resolved can cause long-term and persistent effects on the individual. We at Transcending Path have spent years studying psychological trauma and are quite knowledgeable in different strategies for treating clients with past or current trauma. Trauma can cause serious problems for the individual, their loved ones, and their relationships. We provide a welcoming environment for the client to express themselves on how they see and experience the trauma. We help the client safely process the trauma, and then we gently provide strategies for healing and overcoming the negative effects of the trauma. This helps the client to experience well once again being.

1. Our trauma therapy would help you reclaim your personal power
2. Trauma therapy will help reduce or eliminate the symptoms of the trauma
3. Trauma therapy can help you overcome addictions or unhealthy behaviors associated with the trauma
4. Trauma therapy can help you gain and develop coping skills to deal with trauma and prevent relapse
5. Trauma therapy can help you become centered and shift focus from the past to the present 
6. Trauma therapy can help you become aware of hereditary trauma and how it impacts your life
7. Trauma therapy can help you improve the daily functions of life
8. Trauma therapy can help you improve your total well-being and happiness
9. The trauma therapy & counseling will help you face your past traumas head-on and eliminate the tendency to become stuck in the past

Working with an experienced trauma therapist is essential and very important to avoid re-traumatization .

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