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Do not allow Depression to control your life. There are better ways of defeating depression

We offer individual therapy exclusively for you. Your treatment is tailored just for you as an individual. At Transcending Path Psychotherapy & Counseling, we assess your total wellbeing and assist you in the major domains, including the physical plane, the emotional plane, the spiritual plane, and the mental plane. Our treatment modalities include healing, joy, health, wellbeing, happiness, hope, growth, love, recovery, and transformation.

Relationship challenges are major issues in our world. When we have great relationships with our loved ones, our world feels great, and we can live fulfilling lives. Couples counseling is designed to strengthen your relationships and remove any roadblocks that may be hindering your relationships.

Family therapy seeks to help our families heal and strengthen family ties. Families are described as the microcosm of society. Healthy families breed healthy individuals and then a healthy society. Family therapy can also include parenting skills learning

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