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Poorly managed stress can cause serious physical and psychological problems

Our stress counseling and therapy seek to help the client understand their stress sources and formulate strategies to cope with the stress or get rid of it altogether. Prolonged and poorly managed stress can cause other emotional disturbances such as depression and other health-related problems. Stress counseling is working with a therapist or counselor to discover the sources of the stress and developing strategies to eliminating the stressors and the triggers of the stress. Stress counseling also involves learning new skills and techniques to manage stress appropriately.

Stress is the body’s response or reaction to an event that it finds difficult to bear or cope with. Stress puts your body on high alert. This happens when your body releases cortisol and adrenaline into your bloodstream. Stress elicits the “fight or flight or freezes response.” Stress can occur due to an event or thoughts that cause or makes you feel anxious, frustrated, worried, agitated, or angry. Stress can be positive or negative. Stress can be a good thing when faced with real danger, and the body reacts to run away or fight the situation and overcome the situation. Stress becomes harmful when it lasts for long periods of time or when it frequently occurs to events that are no longer considered “normal.”

The negative effects are many. Effects depend on severity and duration. Some of the common effects of stress include:
1.Painful unknown bodily aches.
2. Depression
3. Anxiety
4. Sleep challenges/problems
5. Autoimmune diseases
6. Digestive problems
7. Heart disease
8. Weight problems
9. Reproductive issues

Causes of Stress are varied and can include the following:
1. Work/job-related troubles
2. Financial challenges
3. Death of a love one
4. Health challenges
5. Divorce
6. Major life transitions
7. Break-ups
8. Parenting challenges
9. Family challenges
10. Relationship challenges

With high levels of stress, it may not be easy to enjoy life to the fullest and be productive to yourself, your family, and the world. Your relationships can suffer. Your health can also be jeopardized. Symptoms and signs of stress are many and varied. Common symptoms include:
1. Low or lack of well-being
2. General unhappiness
3. Loss of sex drive
4. Easily angry
5. Irritability
6. Moodiness
7. Aches and Pain
8. Frequent colds and flu
9. Neglecting responsibilities
10. Isolations

Our experienced and well trained stress counselors are here to help you get rid of your stress. 

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