We provide comprehensive dot sap evaluation to get you back to work. Start the process and  reach out today. We understand the frustration you may be going through right now. Failing your pre-employment or regular dot drug test may have been the last thing in your mind. Despite the frustration, you have opportunity to get back to work when you complete the dot sap process. 

If you have failed the dot drug and alcohol test,  you may be at lost as what to do. We are here to help you navigate the entire process to getting back to work. Due to the sensitive nature of your job, the dot has put in rules and regulation for alcohol and substance abuse use to help keep you alive and that of the public.

The substance abuse professional  (sap) duty is to the evaluate you to ensure that you get  the needed help to protect you and the public. The sap evaluator will assess to determine if you have a drug and alcohol problem and to what degree is the problem. Some may not have a problem, others may have a mild problem, others moderate problem. Others too may have severe alcohol and drug.

The substance abuse professionals (SAP) evaluator will then make recommendation for treatment intervention to help you overcome any addiction challenges. When you have successfully completed the treatment, which may be drug classes, educational lectures, treatment (in-patient or outpatient). Then the sap will write a letter to your employer and document in the clearing house  stating that you have successfully completed the treatment intervention process.  All these depends if you have drug and alcohol problem and to what extent is the problem.

We utilized tried and tested tools and procedures in our evaluation process. We are committed to our quality of service and will provide you a comprehensive assessment. 

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