Transcending Path Psychotherapy is a therapy and counseling service agency in Indianapolis, Indiana. We offer expert psychotherapy and counseling to help our clients overcome personal struggles such as depression, trauma, anxiety, and stress. We utilize evidence-based practices to help our clients heal from their past traumas. We utilize a combination of advanced and effective evidence-based treatment practices to help our clients heal.

At Transcending Path Psychotherapy, we believe that mental health is an important, if not the most important, aspect of our lives. Because of how important mental health is to everyone, we take great care in making sure our clients are provided the best services and practices to help them overcome mental health challenges and live lives they have more control and live lives they deserve.

Our Approach and Style is different from most. This is because we believe that each client’s situation is different and requires a unique approach and treatment models. We use a combination of treatment models based on each client’s needs and unique situation.

Therapy and counseling Services

Trauma Counseling and therapy-indianapolis

Trauma Counseling

Trauma Counseling helps you with process the trauma appropriately to stop short and long term effects

anxiety counseling

Anxiety Counseling

Anxiety counseling will help you with skills to stop the triggers causing the anxiety

Psychotherapy Indianapolis

Depression Counseling

Depression counseling will help you take back your life and feel yourself again

grief and loss indianapolis

Grief and loss

grief counseling helps you to heal faster and also will minimize the risk of PTDS

stress counseling

Stress Counseling

Stress counseling will equip you with tools and skills to handle daily life challenges

Therapy treatment

Therapy Treatment

We provide individual, couples and family therapy.

Court  Ordered or for personal use anger management evaluation

This is non-dui alcohol and drug evaluation

We have trained and qualified substance abuse professionals (sap) to conduct the dot sap evaluation. 

We provide you timely and comprehensive immigration psychological evaluation for your case.  

We provide mental health evaluation to help identify  strengths and areas that needs attention to promote your mental health well-being

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